Gameplay Mechanics

In VEX Aeterna, your strategic acumen is put to the test as you navigate through an expansive universe filled with opportunities, challenges, and rewards. This section explores the core gameplay mechanics, guiding you through the process of starting your journey, engaging in planetary missions, leveraging Stones, and optimizing your staking strategies.

Starting Your Journey

Your adventure in VEX Aeterna begins with three key steps:

  1. Acquire $VEX Tokens: Purchase the native $VEX tokens, the primary currency within the game. These tokens are essential for buying spacecraft, engaging in missions, and conducting trades.

  2. Buy a Spacecraft: Invest in your first spacecraft, the Standard Spacecraft. This initial purchase is vital, as the spacecraft serves as your vehicle for exploring planets and earning rewards. Remember, the amount spent on the spacecraft is burned, reducing the total supply and adding value to the ecosystem.

  3. Understand Your Spacecraft: Familiarize yourself with your spacecraft’s attributes: Capacity, Speed, and Protection. These attributes will significantly influence your mission strategies and reward potential.

Embarking on Planetary Missions

Planetary missions are at the heart of VEX Aeterna's gameplay. Here’s how you can embark on these missions:

  1. Select a Planet: Choose between Ebaros, Mekao, or Nexara based on their distance, token supply for rewards, and your spacecraft’s capabilities.

  2. Station Your Spacecraft: Deploy your spacecraft to the chosen planet. Unlike traditional staking, you do not stake additional tokens but instead, your spacecraft, representing a share of the planet’s reward pool based on its Capacity.

  3. Complete the Mission: Wait for the mission duration (the planet's distance) to end to claim full rewards. The longer the mission, the higher the potential rewards, but also the greater the risk.

Managing Your Missions

Aborting Missions

Should circumstances change, you have the option to abort the mission before its completion. However, this comes with a fee, reducing your final rewards based on the time remaining and emphasizing the importance of strategic commitment.

Claiming Rewards

Upon mission completion, claim your rewards, considering the fuel fee deducted from the total. Promptly "return to base" after the mission ends, as staking past the mission duration does not yield additional rewards.

Strategic Planning

Successful navigation of VEX Aeterna requires thoughtful strategy:

  • Resource Allocation: Balance the use of $VEX tokens between acquiring and upgrading spacecraft, engaging in missions, and trading Stones.

  • Risk Management: Assess the risk and reward of each planet, considering your spacecraft’s capabilities and current market dynamics.

  • Continuous Learning: Stay informed about game updates, market trends, and community insights to adapt your strategies and maintain a competitive edge.

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