Planetary Missions

Navigating the Stars of VEX Aeterna.

In the expansive universe of VEX Aeterna, planetary missions are at the heart of your interstellar adventure. Each planet offers unique opportunities, challenges, and rewards, making your choice of destination a pivotal aspect of your strategy. This section introduces the concept of planets in the game, their distinctive attributes, and the mechanics behind undertaking missions.

Introduction to Planetary Missions

Planetary missions are the core activity in VEX Aeterna, where players station their spacecraft to participate in staking rewards. Unlike traditional staking, where tokens are locked in a pool, here, you station your spacecraft – and its inherent Capacity – to claim a portion of the planet's reward pool. Each planet in the VEX Aeterna universe has its own set of attributes that influence the potential rewards and risks involved.

The Planets of VEX Aeterna

Embark on missions to three uniquely crafted planets, each offering different environments and staking opportunities:

1. Ebaros

  • Distance: 1 day

  • Token Supply for Rewards: 3,500 $VEX

  • Environment: Ebaros represents the closest and least risky destination for explorers. Ideal for beginners and those looking for quick missions.

2. Mekao

  • Distance: 3 days

  • Token Supply for Rewards: 7,000 $VEX

  • Environment: Mekao offers a balance between risk and reward, making it a suitable choice for players ready to explore beyond the immediate vicinity.

3. Nexara

  • Distance: 7 days

  • Token Supply for Rewards: 24,500 $VEX

  • Environment: Nexara is the furthest planet, offering the highest rewards but also carrying the greatest risk. It's recommended for seasoned players seeking significant returns.

Mechanics of Planetary Missions

Choosing Your Destination

Selecting the right planet is crucial. Consider your spacecraft’s attributes, your strategy, and the current state of each planet. The distance affects how long your spacecraft will be stationed, influencing both risk and potential reward.

Stationing Your Spacecraft

Once you select a planet, your spacecraft is "stationed" there, utilizing its Capacity to claim a share of the planet's rewards. No additional tokens are staked, but the spacecraft represents your stake in the planet’s economy.

Mission Duration and Rewards

The "distance" of each planet represents the mission duration or how long your spacecraft must remain stationed to earn full rewards. Claiming rewards before the mission ends is possible but comes with penalties, impacting the final payout.

Abort Mission Fee

Should you decide to abort a mission before its completion, a portion of your accrued rewards is burned, calculated based on the time remaining. This mechanic ensures that while flexibility exists, commitment is rewarded.

Strategic Considerations

When planning your planetary missions, consider:

  • Reward Potential vs. Time: Longer missions offer higher rewards but tie up your spacecraft for extended periods.

  • Risk Management: Higher rewards come with increased risk. Balance your desire for high returns with the safety of your resources.

  • Market Dynamics: The distribution of spacecraft across planets affects individual reward shares. Monitoring where other players are stationing can influence your decisions.

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