Your Ticket to the Stars.

In the universe of VEX Aeterna, your journey begins with the acquisition of your very first spacecraft: the Standard Spacecraft. This vessel is your entry ticket to the vastness of space and the rich opportunities that lie on different planets. Here, we delve into the features and strategic importance of the Standard Spacecraft, ensuring you're well-prepared for your interstellar ventures.

The Standard Spacecraft

The Standard Spacecraft is designed for newcomers and seasoned explorers alike, providing a balanced entry point to the world of VEX Aeterna. It's your primary tool for participating in missions, claiming rewards, and exploring the game's universe.

Attributes of the Standard Spacecraft:

  • Capacity: The Standard Spacecraft comes with a Capacity attribute, set at a base level, which dictates the percentage of staking rewards you're entitled to on any given mission. This attribute is crucial as it determines your share of the rewards from the staking pool on the planet where your spacecraft is stationed.

  • Speed: Equipped with a standard propulsion system, the Standard Spacecraft travels at a base speed, allowing you to reach nearby planets within the game's universe in a timely manner. The speed is set to ensure that new players can competently navigate between missions without overwhelming complexity.

  • Protection: While basic, the Standard Spacecraft's protection level is sufficient to guard against common space hazards. However, players should be strategic about their missions, as higher-risk areas may require additional strategies or future upgrades for optimal safety.

  • Special: Initially, the Standard Spacecraft lacks special equipment, focusing instead on providing a solid foundation for your exploration efforts. As your journey progresses, opportunities to enhance and customize your spacecraft will become available, adding depth to your space exploration strategy.

Strategic Importance

Your Standard Spacecraft is more than just a vehicle; it represents your stake in the game's economy and your capacity to earn rewards. By "stationing" your spacecraft on a planet, you are effectively participating in the planet's mission without the need to stake additional tokens. The Capacity determines your reward potential, making strategic decisions about where and when to deploy your spacecraft essential for maximizing your returns.

Deployment and Rewards

Choosing where to station your Standard Spacecraft is a critical decision. Each planet offers different rewards and challenges, with the Capacity of your spacecraft influencing your share of these rewards. Remember, the rewards pool is divided among all stationed spacecraft based on their Capacity. Therefore, deploying your spacecraft to less crowded planets or at strategic times can increase your share of the rewards.

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