The SFTs of VEX Aeterna.

Stones in VEX Aeterna are not mere collectibles; they are powerful assets that can significantly impact your gameplay. Derived from the innovative ERC404 standard, each Stone possesses characteristics that can enhance your spacecraft, influence missions, and affect your overall strategy within the game’s economy.

Types of Stones and Their Rarity

VEX Aeterna features an array of Stones, each with different levels of scarcity and associated conversion rates:

  • Vexodium (50% scarcity)

  • Vexite (25% scarcity)

  • Vexolite (16% scarcity)

  • Vexorium (7% scarcity)

  • Vexillium (1.9% scarcity)

  • Vexorite (0.1% scarcity)

The Role of Stones in Gameplay

Enhancing Spacecraft and Missions

Stones serve multiple purposes: upgrading spacecraft attributes, accessing special missions, and trading within the VEX Aeterna marketplace. Their rarity and conversion rates play a critical role in determining their value and usability in various aspects of the game.

Conversion Rates and Strategic Value

The conversion rate between different types of Stones is essential for strategic gameplay. Players can leverage these rates to optimize their resource management, deciding whether to save, spend, or convert their Stones based on current needs and future strategies.

Collecting and Utilizing Stones

Stones can be collected through successful planetary missions, special events, or trades with other players. Their utility ranges from straightforward enhancements to unlocking unique capabilities or accessing restricted areas of the game.

Strategic Considerations

When engaging with Stones, consider:

  • Balance Between Rarity and Need: Weigh the scarcity of a Stone against your immediate needs and long-term strategy. Sometimes, using a rarer Stone for a crucial upgrade could be more beneficial than saving it.

  • Market Dynamics: The value of Stones can fluctuate based on market dynamics within the game. Keep an eye on trends and be ready to make swift decisions to maximize your benefits.

  • Conversion Strategy: Utilize the conversion rates wisely. Converting lower-tier Stones into higher-tier ones or vice versa can significantly impact your gameplay and resource allocation.

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