Tokenomics and Economic Structure

The Foundation of VEX Aeterna.

In VEX Aeterna, the tokenomics and economic structure are meticulously designed to ensure a balanced, sustainable, and engaging gameplay experience. Central to this design is the $VEX token, which powers the entire ecosystem. This section outlines the distribution, utility, and strategic mechanisms, including the vital burn mechanism that significantly impacts the token supply and overall game economy.

$VEX Token Distribution

The total supply of $VEX tokens is capped at 100,000, creating a finite resource that players and stakeholders must manage wisely. The distribution is as follows:

  • Uniswap LP Allocation (45%): 45,000 $VEX, facilitating liquidity and enabling player transactions.

  • Staking Rewards Allocation (35%): 35,000 $VEX, designated for rewarding players who participate in planetary missions.

  • Team (10%) 10,000 $VEX, supporting ongoing game development and updates.

  • Marketing and Partnerships (5%): 5,000 $VEX, used for promoting the game and establishing strategic partnerships.

  • Kinko Holder Airdrop (5%): 5,000 $VEX, distributed proportionally to Kinko ($KIF) holders.

Economic Mechanisms

Burn Mechanism

A critical feature of VEX Aeterna's economy is the burn mechanism, which permanently removes $VEX tokens from circulation:

  • Spacecraft Purchases: When players buy spacecraft, the corresponding amount of $VEX tokens is burned. This not only reduces the total supply, enhancing token scarcity and value, but also ties gameplay directly to the economic health of the ecosystem.

  • Abort Mission Fees: Opting to abort a mission before completion incurs a fee, a portion of which is burned, further affecting the total token supply and encouraging players to carefully consider their mission commitments.

Fees Structure

  • Liquidity Pool Fee: A 1% fee applied to transactions within the game’s liquidity pool, supporting economic stability and liquidity.

  • Fuel Fee: A 10% fee on rewards claimed from missions, representing the cost of operations and contributing to the game’s development fund.

  • NFT Royalties: A 5% royalty fee on spacecraft and equipment NFT transactions, fostering a sustainable ecosystem for creators and players.

Utility of $VEX Tokens

$VEX tokens serve multiple purposes within the game:

  • Access: Required to purchase spacecraft and participate in missions.

  • Rewards: Earned through successful mission completions and other in-game achievements.

  • Governance: Future implementations may allow $VEX token holders to vote on game developments and updates.

  • Trade: Used within the game’s marketplace for trading Stones and other valuable items.

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