Getting Started

Getting Started with Vex Aeterna

Begin your journey into this exciting world by following these simplified steps:

1. Acquiring $VEX Tokens: The adventure in Vex Aeterna starts with acquiring $VEX tokens. These tokens are essential for all transactions within the game, including purchasing spacecraft and engaging in planetary missions.

2. Buying Your First Spacecraft: Your gateway to exploring the Vex Aeterna universe is your spacecraft. Purchase your first spacecraft using $VEX tokens. This initial step is crucial as it marks your entry into the game's ecosystem and planetary missions.

3. Understanding Your Spacecraft: Get familiar with the attributes of your spacecraft - its Capacity, Speed, and Protection. These will influence your decisions and strategies as you embark on planetary missions.

4. Embarking on Planetary Missions: Start your journey by choosing a planet for your first mission. Each planet – Ebaros, Mekao, or Nexara – offers different rewards and challenges. Station your spacecraft on the chosen planet to begin earning rewards.

5. Completing Missions and Claiming Rewards: Wait for the mission duration to complete to claim your rewards. Be strategic and patient, as longer missions offer higher rewards. Should you need to, you can abort a mission, but this may come with penalties.

6. Engaging with the Community: Participate in the Vex Aeterna community to share strategies, tips, and experiences. Engaging with the community can enhance your understanding of the game and help you make informed decisions.

Tips for Beginners:

  • Start with lower-risk planets like Ebaros to get the hang of the game mechanics.

  • Monitor the market and plan your missions based on the current dynamics.

  • Utilize resources wisely and always consider the risk-reward balance.

Congrats! You are all set. You journey now begins and you can start to discover to universe and earn $VEX.

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